CADME is proud to present James Zollar in partnership with the Calgary Creative Arts Ensemble. He will be available for school workshops from November 23 through 27.


Mr. Zollar has been featured with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, Count Basie Band, Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and numerous others.  To learn more, visit


Please use the attached document to learn about the details, cost and to request a workshop.


CADME James Zollar


CADME is also pleased to offer specially priced tickets for the upcoming performance of Duke Ellington’s Nutcracker Suite, featuring the Calgary Creative Arts Ensemble and luminary trumpeter, James Zollar!


Please use the attached order form to acquire tickets for your students.


CADME-CCAE Ellington Nutcracker Suite with James Zollar




Here are a few other dates and opportunities we would like to share and remind you about:


-Thursday and Friday, January 28 and 29 – CADME Vocal Jazz Workshop with Grammy nominated Jeremy Fox and others. Each participating school will host a workshop and perform at Lord Beaverbrook on the evening of January 29.  Stay tuned for details.

-Wednesday, April 13 – CADME’s landmark project of the year – The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra – private concert for students at the Jack Singer Concert Hall at 7:30 p.m. Ticket orders for block bookings by schools will be out soon. This is for all students from elementary through high school – ticket orders will include room for adult supervisors to reflect board policies.

-Wednesday, April 14 – Mid-day workshop for high school jazz ensembles with the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra at the Jack Singer Concert Hall.  CADME will provide pre-study materials for these students.  They MUST attend the concert on the 13 and have completed the pre-study. Stay tuned for details!






Vanguard Jazz Orchestra







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