September 30, 2005 John G. Diefenbaker updates gear for jazz

Director Rod Pauls was able to update rhythm section equipment as well as offer clinics to the entire jazz band at J.G. Diefenbaker High School in the spring of 2004. This update of equipment will greatly assist in kicking the jazz program into high gear.

October, 2008 Bowness workshop

Director Richard Condon was able to facilitate a weekend workshop for his high school students and for several surrounding junior high programs.

April 2008 Juno Awards

The “World’s Largest Band” event was organized by CADME. Over 1300 Calgary Board of Education band students attempted to make history when they took part in the band event at the Round Up Centre during the Music Lives Here events leading up to the Juno Awards. Close to 3000 Calgary students participated in the event.
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Band Director Academy

From 2006 – 2009 CADME maintained a partnership with the faculty from Jazz at the Lincoln Center. Each year the Faculty was brought to Calgary to work with Jazz educators, covering such topics as Jazz Improvisation, Rhythm Section Fundamentals and Rehearsal Techniques.

Jon Batiste (2014)

CADME in conjunction with the EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts hosted workshops and performances by Jon Batiste and the band Stay Human for students of all ages. Everyone who was in attendance would agree that it was a huge success! Students from Richmond Elementary School recently wrote letters of appreciation for this experience, which
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