Jazz Jam


Once again this year, CADME is very excited to present the All-Ages Jazz Jam. The idea of the event is to provide “under aged” kids with an opportunity to attend and be a part of a supportive jazz jam. This is our 10th year and the initiative is really starting to pick up steam and become a staple for many students and programs alike. For the students that come out, it has been a great experience and it has been incredible witnessing the excitement, enthusiasm and support of everyone that shows up regardless of where they are at musically.

Again in an effort to make the jam as “friendly” and non-threatening as possible we have pre-selected tunes so that students can take a look at them and maybe even practice them prior to getting to the jam as opposed to just reading through fake books.

Stay tuned for information about our next Jazz Jam!


Here are links to the tunes that were used for our most recent Jam on February 9:

February 9 – Eb

February 9 – Bb

February 9 – C Treble Clef

February 9 – C Bass Clef