Richard Nace and Geoffrey Boers Choral Workshops (2012-2015)

CADME has been able to support groups of between 15-25 choir directors coming together for a 3 day intensive workshop, where they developed a deeper understanding of not only the mechanics of singing, but also of inspiring students to express themselves. Usually, this workshop is only offered in Seattle, but thanks to CADME Mr. Nace and Mr. Boers were able to bring their expertise to Calgary. This workshop became the seed of bringing the Calgary choir educator community closer together, which has already resulted in the sharing of ideas and improving choral education in Southern Alberta.
“I was new to teaching choir the first year that I took the program, with most of my experience in teaching instrumental music, and I didn’t really understand how to reach the kids through singing. After the first workshop, I saw the potential for kids to really express themselves through music this way, and it started me on a journey to improve my own practice while helping the kids realize potential they didn’t know they had. Choir is now one of the more popular options at my school, because students tell me they really feel inspired to sing, and I can trace it back to my experience with CADME’s Choral workshop with Rich Nace and Geoff Boers. Thank you!”
-Adam Mailman